MAKEBLOCK Airblock Drone


  • A 7-piece modular drone that can be turned into a hovercraft, car, spider and more! It is made of light but durable plastic foam so you can bump into walls without making dents
  • Control it from your Smartphone or iPad via Bluetooth using a freely available iOS or Android app
  • Control and program your aerial stunts through the Makeblock App
  • Simply drag-and-drop different blocks of commands - like forward, pause, turn, and forward - and connect them together to create a seamless action
  • Ages 8+
  • With magnetic attachments and modularity, the Airblock drone is only limited by your imagination
  • Perfect for STEM
  • CODE IT Programming is the language of the future, and many are starting to learn at a young age because it also helps to develop logical thinking and problem-solving
  • Imagine a cool stunt and have it become a reality with the problem-solving
  • It?s simple to use
  • Simply drag-and-drop different blocks of commands -- like forward, pause, turn, and forward--and connect them together to create a seamless action
  • AIR WAR With Airblock, you?re able to compete in a variety of games
  • Race against each other in different modes or even have an epic air battle! Tell your buddies about Airblock, because the only thing more fun than flying an Airblock is flying an Airblock with friends! TAKE OVER LAND, SKY AND WATER Airblock is fun whether you're just flying it around the house or controlling it in a pool or on land! Fly over new terrain and explore new horizons for an amazingly exciting adventure! CRASH FRIENDLY AND REBUILDABLE Crash it and rebulid it! It's fun to watch it hit walls and crumble into building blocks
  • The soft and durable foam material makes it crash-friendly, but you don't have to worry about damaging walls or furniture
  • CONTROL FROM YOUR SMART DEVICE From the app, you can drag-and-drop blocks to create flight codes, then assign the code to a button
  • If you don?t feel like coding, you can just commandeer Airblock using the joystick controls
  • The lift from the four propellers allows Airblock to do a number of stunts, and by selecting two propellers from either side, it can generate specific movements
  • For instance, the two propellers located on the back of the hovercraft drive the hovercraft forward
  • The two propellers located in the front drive the hovercraft backward
  • Getting two propellers to push against each other enables the hovercraft to go left or right
  • With a little bit of knowledge in physics and aerodynamics, you can even make the hovercraft drift, slide or rotate in any direction!

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