Why Canon Finance? For the last 30 years Canon Finance have been helping Australian businesses grow with fast, simple and affordable financing.

Flexibility to grow
Financing your equipment keeps capital at your fingertips and improves your cash flow, giving you more flexibility to protect and invest in your business.
That’s probably why 87.4% of buyers say financing equipment has helped them grow.*

Get the latest technology
New technologies can increase productivity and take costs out of your business, so you can do more with less.
With finance, you’ll always have access to the technologies you need to accelerate your business.

Buy now, pay how you like:
Reap the rewards that new technologies can bring, without the large, upfront costs that come with it. You can also tailor your payments around our range of products to better suit your cash flow.

Just leave it to us!
From finance to installation, Murray Computers can take care of everything for you, so that you are free to focus on what's important - your business.

Frequently businesses are forced to ask themselves: “Is the process of changing our IT system less daunting then the cost of maintaining the system we have?”  Rather than modifying existing IT systems, Finlease can update your IT infrastructure in an affordable manner. Updates to your network, software, PC’s and IT services can be financed through manageable monthly repayments, rather than a crippling, upfront payment.

Upon completion of the term, Finlease provides an option for an outright purchase at the completion of the finance term, Alternatively Finlease can provide you with new finance terms, allowing you to upgrade your technology (often at a similar repayment level).

For more information & further assistance please contact our Business Solutions team Ph: 8532 5577 or