Nanoleaf Rhythm Edt Smarter Kit (9-Pack)


  • Experience a personalised and entertaining display of colour when listening to your favourite music with the Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter Kit
  • This kit includes 9 panels, Rhythm music module, power supply, controller, and mounting tape, making set up quick and easy
  • Key Features - The Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter Kit has a built-in audio sensor to synchronise each connected Light Panels to your music
  • - Each of the Smarter Kit?s modular panels snap together, letting you create different layouts quickly
  • - The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit has up to 16.7million colour options and a tunable white setting to deliver the lighting you want and create the ideal ambience for your room
  • It also has an Open API + SDK to let you create your own Rhythm Scene
  • - For controlling flexibility, the Rhythm Smarter Kit has 3 control options: the Nanoleaf app*, through the physical button, or with your voice (works with Siri and Google Assistant).

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